The Bachelor 2019

Not long now until we find out the extent of Channel 10’s lies when it comes to Matt Agnew and those glasses.

Likes does he just wear contacts, or does he have perfect 20/20 vision and this was solely a ruse to make him look like more of a nerd?

We’ll find out all this and the many more lies, manipulations and downright character assassinations production feeds us soon enough, but once again I won’t be recapping. I feel a bit weird writing about The Bachelor, because honestly? It inevitably ends up with me making fun of women, and I much prefer making fun of men.

Yes please go nuts on calling me a misandrist, at least my way of living life doesn’t end with me murdering those who reject me, so I still score one over misogynists.

I’ll be livetweeting over at vic_values in the meantime and I’ll reassess what the workload is like when The Bachelorette and Angie (who frankly I’d never heard of, but hey, clean slate!) rolls around.




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